Our story start with the right ingredients to success: two of the best Australian Mango varieties: Kensington Pride and R2E2. And further: the perfect soil, a tropical climate and most important: a grower with lots of passion for his orchard. It takes about three years before the first Mangoes can be harvested. Each Mango tree is planted and pruned in a specific way, so that all trees catch a maximum amount of sun light and nutrition from the orchards soil..

During wintertime the mango tree is in a deep sleep after being productive for a long and intensive time. The upcoming season is on its way and the grower starts cutting his trees and give them the perfect shape and energy to reach a maximum production during the next season. Each individual tree needs individual care.

The days are getting longer, the temperatures higher and the Mango tree starts waking up from it’s winter sleep. During the flowering period in winter/autumn the trees look beautiful with lots of orange and yellow flowers. Its the very first start of each single juicy AustralianMango© mango.

Every week the Mangoes are growing bigger and bigger. The grower takes care of his orchard making sure that all Mangoes get the right amount of nutrition of the tree. The beautiful orange and red colour and the outstanding taste of an AustralianMango© mango come from the Northern Territory sunlight. The grower makes sure that the Mango receives the perfect amount of sunlight which makes the AustralianMango© where it’s well known for.

Genuine quality

The quality level of the AustralianMango is outstanding. All Mangoes are grown, harvested and packed with the greatest care. An AustralianMango© mango is a premium quality mango, the best and juiciest mango available on the market.

Track and trace

Our mangoes are grown, harvested and packed with the greatest care. We are proud of that and we love to share all data with anyone who buys our Mangoes. Every AustralianMango© has its own QR code. Scanning this codes tells you exactly which grower took care of this special Mango.

Harvest time 

Harvest time starts after about 150 days. The grower only harvests the Mango if all criteria are met: the fruit is matured perfectly, has exceeded a good sugar level, has a good bite and the fruit has a nice red blush. The Mangoes are picked by hand and packaged carefully and cooled down to make sure that the mangoes keep the best quality. AustralianMango© mangoes are shipped by trusted partners in order to find their way to the consumer. All AustralianMango© mangoes have a premium quality. Taste the good life!

‘Hard work and a lot of love makes a hell of a tasty mango’


Leo Skliros
Skliros Produce

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Meet the growers

For Northern Territory nearly 140 Mango growers, tending mango trees is a way of life. Many orchards have been in families for generations and will continue for many more.

As stewards of the land, our growers tend their naturally prime landscape year-round to nurture premium quality AustralianMango mangoes.  Patience and passion abound from winter mango blossoms to spring’s harvest, when each and every mango is plucked by hand from branches heavy with fruit.

Pine Creek Mango Plantation

The combination of unique soil composition, elevation, and favorable climate provided for some of the best tasting and earliest fruiting mango trees found in the Northern Territory.